Building confidence for Europe’s entrepreneurs

Posted by healthblogger on 25/02/10

I had the distinct honour of speaking at and participating in a panel discussion at the European Foundation for Management Development conference at Advancia, in Paris recently. An informed group assembled to hear from entrepreneurs and academics. I was impressed with the work of Advancia and the support it gets from the Paris Chamber of [...]

Regulating internet pharmacies at the European level is necessary

Posted by healthblogger on 02/10/09

It would be a serious mistake not have an EU-wide regulatory framework for internet pharmacies.  Not achieving one would be just more evidence of the politics that infects all discussions of cross-border healthcare to the detriment of the patient and health consumer.  Illegal drugs, fake drugs, reimported drugs, counterfeit drugs, substandard drugs, legitimate drugs — [...]

European Health Technology Assessment: time for Euro-NICE?

Posted by healthblogger on 10/07/09

NICE is the health technology assessment [HTA] agency in England, the one upon which others in many countries are modelled.  More generally, HTA is increasingly being used by governments for more than simple economic evaluation of medicines and devices, but is being used as a form of rationing of access to technologies (medicines or devices [...]

Greedy governments, poorer societies

Posted by healthblogger on 21/12/07

Greedy governments stifle innovation by reserving all the intellectual property of publicly funded research for their own use.  The problem is that governments are not very good at knowing what to do next, and invariably tie up valuable innovation in bureaucratic process, without adding any social value at all. The Eurocrats like US comparisons, so [...]

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