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The ERRIN innovation event, The Hospital of the Future, 2 March 2010, explored the future of the hospital as a recipient of financially and environmentally sustainable investment. The key outcome for me, as one of the moderators of the event, was the emerging view of the hospital as a major innovator within their local/regional economies.… » read more

Recent research suggests that the European pharmaceutical industry is more productive than the US one. Euractive reports on this here: article-184974. A few things to consider. Light’s work is a reanalysis of existing data. His conclusions are based on using the head-office of the company discovering the drug as determining the country of origin. He… » read more

Annalee Saxenian, an astute observer and analyst of the regional advantage of Silicon Valley, observes in her book, The New Argonauts, that the Valley has gained as its home-grown entrepreneurs have built overseas businesses in China, India and elsewhere. She notes: “By promoting the development of local capabilities in Tel Aviv, Hsinchu, Shanghai, Bangalore, and… » read more

Sweden is home to the Karolinska Institute, one of the most effective bio-medical institutions in the EU. The worst thing the EU could do would be to copy Sweden; they are exemplary. What should be left behind at the end of December is a commitment by member states to unleash the creativity in their research… » read more

Considerable public funding goes into research. To the dismay, though, of many, European countries in the main are very poor at commercialising this research, and thus return of this public investment is often zero euros. Reasons lie in at least two places: EU member states (outside of the ‘anglo’ tradition) tend to ‘own’ their own… » read more

Greedy governments stifle innovation by reserving all the intellectual property of publicly funded research for their own use. The problem is that governments are not very good at knowing what to do next, and invariably tie up valuable innovation in bureaucratic process, without adding any social value at all. The Eurocrats like US comparisons, so… » read more