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Health Policy Responses to the Financial Crisis: update

Posted by healthblogger on 05/09/12

A recently released report from the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies has produced a retrospective on what over 40 European countries did in response to the financial crisis, triggered in 2007. The report “Health policy responses to the financial crisis in Europe” (by Mladovsky, Srivastava, Cylus, Karanikolos, Evetovits, Thomson, McKee) is here. The [...]

Healthcare and the Euro-zone crisis, part 2

Posted by healthblogger on 27/06/12

Euractiv has reported on Commissioner Dalli’s comments that the Euro-zone crisis should not turn into a public health crisis. He added: “difficult times can indeed provide an incentive to think creatively and push forward in-depth reforms and contain costs, while building modern, responsive, and sustainable health systems fit for the future.” I agree, yet despair. [...]

Medical Debts and the Euro-zone Crisis

Posted by healthblogger on 19/06/12

The financial markets have broadly spoken and find the leaders of the Euro-zone patently unable to implement the solutions to the crisis. ¬†Knowing what the problem   really is is very important and it now appears that the core structural reforms necessary seem too hard for doctrinaire European thinking. If you keep trying to implement [...]

Information and Advertising of Prescription Medicines

Posted by healthblogger on 31/10/11

  Does the proposed amending directive on providing medicines information to the general public (sometimes thought of as advertising) actually enhance patients’ rights? Will it lead to good regulation? The document in question can be found here. I’ll grant that a lot of people have been involved in this, so there must be some consensus, [...]

Whither the state? Should we await creative destruction in Europe and are there lessons for healthcare?

Posted by healthblogger on 25/09/11

Vito Tanzi’s book on the modern state “Government versus Markets” is a mine of fresh perspectives. His subtle challenging of the ability of governments to intervene in market failure is thoughtful — when is market failure simply an excuse for hyperactive civil servants to do something, rather than clear evidence of a problem? And not [...]

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