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Review of European Research Council: more like a midwife?

Posted by healthblogger on 29/07/09

The review of the European Research Council paints at times an ugly picture of a bureaucratic mess.  In search of simpler solutions of state run/owned type bodies, bureaucratic distance might be the best thing.  Otherwise known as autonomy, the ERC could still act in the interests of the European Union, but without all that bureaucratic [...]

European Health Technology Assessment: time for Euro-NICE?

Posted by healthblogger on 10/07/09

NICE is the health technology assessment [HTA] agency in England, the one upon which others in many countries are modelled.  More generally, HTA is increasingly being used by governments for more than simple economic evaluation of medicines and devices, but is being used as a form of rationing of access to technologies (medicines or devices [...]

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