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Greedy governments, poorer societies

Posted by healthblogger on 21/12/07

Greedy governments stifle innovation by reserving all the intellectual property of publicly funded research for their own use.  The problem is that governments are not very good at knowing what to do next, and invariably tie up valuable innovation in bureaucratic process, without adding any social value at all. The Eurocrats like US comparisons, so [...]

Innovative medicines: it is about the patient, stupid!

Posted by healthblogger on 21/12/07

The Innovative Medicines Initiative seeks to put right the chaotic treatment of pharmaceutical innovation by EU member states, and will likely fail.  The goose that lays golden eggs of medical innovation is cooked to death by member state medicines policies. Increasing the speed of product development will come to a grinding halt as member states [...]

Cross Border Healthcare: the good, the bad and the ugly

Posted by healthblogger on 20/12/07

The good news appears to be some progress in raising the possibility of a European health system, the bad news is that apparently it is going to take a lot longer than patients in particular would like. Which brings us to the ugly truth that many member states are fiercely resisting progress on this front [...]

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